School Report


St. Mary's Senior Secondary School was started officially on the 4th of July 1996.Every beginning invites us to open our inner vision for three A's of life "Availability, Adjustment & Accommodation".

By the grace of God Almighty school has been witnessing steady progress and change. Every change is a welcome sign of challenge and growth, a unique characteristic of St. Mary's School Barwani.

A few highlights & Events

8 Days of education tour : 50 students along with 10 staff members went for a long trip to various places such as Bangalore, Ooty and Mysore from November 25th to 4th December. It was a rich experience for the student's as well as the staff & parents.

Grandparent's day celebration February : First of February was a memorable day for us St. Marians. We had the grant parents day celebration a unique experience .Nana -Nani, and Dhada -Dhadi felt well honored. The school's band namely The Spice Band escorted the Chief Guest. The craft corner too gave color to the campus.

AEP [Adult Education Programme] November : Two of the staff members attended the Adult Education Programme arranged by the CBSE board in Bhopal.

Board Result : 2012-13 batches of [CBSE] students [XII] appeared for the board examination. St. Mary's topped the district with  94% in class XII, and class X 100%. Twelve students got 9 points and above & Four students bagged CGPA -10.

E-lab. [2 years contract] : Electronic Lab is a system which provides complete academic assistance in terms of syllabus, A instant tests to students ,question paper generation, customized school organizer with an exclusive log in to connect parents ,teachers, and students anytime anywhere. We have introduced it for a period of 2 years.

Fun and frolic days for the LITTLE PLANET AND THE ST MARIANS : Teachers day, green day, flower day, rainy day, A king and queens day, jokers day, diya day children's day, X,mas celebration, short outings, sports day and national festival days are celebrated with lot of competitive spirit among the 4 houses of the students.

Literary activities, cultural activities, service & message from the Eco club and Health and Wellness club, keep the school always young, energetic and self competitive. The in charges have planned lot of exposure and awareness programme in our neighborhood.


We had the school Annual day cum parents day on the 20th of December 2012.St.Mariants welcomed the chief guests with the rhythmic beat of the school band and the colorful entrance dance, Students performed classical dance and short street play through which they convey some messages about Eco-Friendly, need of literacy, Child labour, child abuse etc. The occasion brightened the campus with two hours of stage programmed, power point presentation. Every one appreciated the hard work of the staff and the students. They proved their intelligence and creative corner.


The main aim of introducing the Eco-club was to create an awareness about being important and growing important of Eco-friendly. Various programs were conducted by the Eco-club. Such as Essay writing, slow cycle race, drawing, visit to nursery, shramdan and plantation.

Literary committee : Literary committee aims to enable student to express their feelings effectively, develop skills of language and education are not confined to the class room teaching, hereby we provide a platform to our little buds to blossom like flowers and spread their fragrance.

The activity the conducted are to develop confidence to face the crowd, speak fluently and express creatively. With this we conducted elocution competition for all the groups on the current topics National Integration. Debate on the current topics related to the life of students such as Punishment is corrective measures reinforce strict discipline and Value Based Education Need of the hour. We have also conducted poem recitation competition like, A One act play, Story with dialogues, Handwriting, spell check & with debate final round which was a thrilling competitive event for all the students.


Health and wellness club is introduced from the session 2012-13. Various activities were conducted by the club throughout the year, such as Logo for club making competition, Healthy food competition, chart making competition, collage making competition, greeting card making competition and essay writing competition. Apart from the club activities members of the club presented a beautiful patriotic dance on 15th August.

Cultural committee : Each is a day new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness. The student's life is likewise therefore the students were given the chance to be the best potentials. Assiduous students achieved their aim of making something different through the various competition conducted by the cultural committee are; National Anthem, patriotic song, Memory test, vegetable carving, pot painting and wealth out of waste.Smooth roads never make good drivers, smooth sea never makes good sailors, and clear skies never make good pilots. We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity given to us.